Here's a few photos from the last couple months that have been sitting on my hard drive. 

Macau, China

I recently got the opportunity to go to Macau, China to be part of a 48 hour film competition. It was a great time, I got to go with 2 good friends and came back with many more. We had a week total there, it was a fantastic experience and such an interesting place to shoot. 

New Hampshire

Jill and I went up to the White Mountains in northern New Hampshire earlier this month. We found some photos of the Kancamagus Highway online and decided to go there, so we did. 


My friend (and talented photographer) Roger Sieber and I shot around the other day testing out some new lighting gear on each other. Check out his work here.


I went camping in the Green Mountain National Forest with Keith & Gabe for a couple nights recently. Lots of hatchet throwing, beer, and moonshine.